Azhagu kutti Chellam

Azhagu Kutti Chellam Movie Stills with Akhil, Riytvika and Thambi Ramaiah

          Krisha, an unmarried chess player who delivers a child; Karunas, an auto driver who awaits for a son after three girl children; Vinothini as a teacher who suffers from sterility; Rithvika who lost her child in Srilankan bomb blast; the couple ‘Adukalam’ Naren and his wife claim the right over their son because of misunderstanding. Everyone’s problem deals with children. It is a beauty that the problems are being solved by the children themselves is the story of the film.

          Problems by children and the children are the solution for the problems- the thread has been weaved so naturally by the director. He has utilized the trick of making a single point of five different stories. Chess player Krisha avoids her boyfriend after getting conceived, Vinothini who icons the melancholic feelings of a sterile woman without a child, Rithvika who lost her child in a bomb blast and suffers from mental stress, three of them had lived their role. Maste Ken has filled the place of the comedian.

          Within these five stories, auto driver Karunas’ life is a heavy burden to film as a separate one. Though he longs for a male child, he loves his female children too. He has acted well. Akila, as his wife has also shared the equal importance. Vijay Amstrong’s editing has added beauty to the beauty. VedShankar’s music transfers the feeling of the characters to the audience. The expected highlight drama on Infant Jesus results low.

          In addition, it is not acceptable that the future of a school is fully based on the children’s drama. Will the courageous chess player try to attempt suicide? The kidnapping children from an ashram are used to add humour. Despite of having such flaws, the film attracts the concentration.

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