Delhi court orders to proceed on the complaints against the ‘Khans’

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Gourav Gulathi, advocate has appealed a case in Delhi Metropolitan Magistrate Court. The petition deals with the two famed leading Bollywood Heros- Salman Khan and Shahruk Khan.

The petition carries the news

The actors namely Shahruk Khan and Salman Khan has insulted the Hindu traditional beliefs in ‘Big Boss9’ a television reality show. Both of them have entered the temple wearing shoes. As the sense of tolerance has been gradually diminishing, both of them have revealed their opinions too.

In the scenes, it is clearly shown that both of them stand in front of Goddess Kali’s statue wearing shoes. They should have done it wanted. A complaint had been given to the Roop Nagar area Police Station and no more actions were taken. It is to request the court to order that actions should be taken on the two actors who have insulted the Hindu Traditional and religious sense filing a criminal case on them.

Thus, the petition explains. Gourav Gulathi has added a video copy related to the same along with his petition. Magistrate V.K. Gowtham has enquired the petition and ordered the Police Officer of Roop Nagar to submit the actions taken on February 2016 regarding the complaints on the actors Shahruk Khan and Salman Khan.

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