Dhanush in Thanga Magan



  Dhanush is in love with Emi. Emily’s policy of small family system leads to the end of their love. Then, Emi marries Dhanu’s cousin Aathith. Dhanush who forgets his love and received a job in his father’s office. He gets married with lovable wife, Samantha. Dhanush’s father K.S.Ravikumar who suffers from loss of memory, suddenly attempts suicide.

         He misses a file and loses his job. Everything goes upside down in a day. He does small labours for his family and finds the reason for his father’s death. He finds shocking information and protects his father from disgrace. As a youth without mustache and as a family man with moustache, he recognizes him in both the ways.

          He kisses Emi in happiness and Samantha in sadness; performs well in actions; he makes us to shed tears when he worries about his inefficiency to make his wife and mother comfortable. Emi is pretty, drinks, embraces and acts little.

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