Heroines who have gone missing with single film


Music director Vijay Antony has displayed his acting talent through ‘Naan’, ‘Salim’ and ‘India Pakistan’ so far. He has planned to star in ‘Eman’, ‘Hitler’, ‘Thirudan’ and ‘Naan-3’. Presently, he acts in the film ‘Saithan’. His new film ‘Pichchaikkaran’ is in the list of release, now.

Heroines of Vijay Antony’s film namely Rupa Manjari, Aksha and SushmaRaj have gone missing with their first film itself as no more approaches from Tamil Cinema. It has been said that the heroines of his film are being used ‘only for songs’. And due to this, leading heroines regret to accept the proposals when his film team approaches them. So the team goes on searching new faces (heroines) from nearby states.

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