I Expect More from Ma.Ka.Pa. Ananth – Says Vijay Sethupathy

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In Kollywood, a trend grows that the contemporaries wish and encourage their contemporaries. In the celebrations of the film ‘Sethupathy’ starring Vijay Sethupathy, his contemporaries namely Sibi, Sakthi and Sidhdharth have praised and encouraged him on the stage. They have stated that Vijay Sethupathy has achieved his best though he comes from a non-cinema background.

Meanwhile, Vijay Sethupathy himself encourage the upcoming actors. On the same stage, he encouraged Ma.Ka.Pa. Ananth for his introductory film ‘Navarasa Thilagam’. He has also emphasized that he expects more from Ma.Ka.Pa. As a quick response, Ma.Ka.Pa. has replied that he would give his best as Vijay Sethupathy expected.

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