Ilayaraja at 1000 film       

  Bala’s ‘Tharai Thappattai’ is going to be releases in Pongal as Ilayaraja’s 1000th film achievement. Ilayaraja has composed all the songs and music edition in just four days for the film. The music will be a treat to the fans for a long time. The Tamil Musical Instruments namely, Nadhaswaram, Tharai, Thappattai, Thavil, Parai, Kombu, Kadam, Veenai, Violin, Flute have been played by the King of Music, Ilayaraja.

          The theme music for Hero’s entry is just like the divine music played to our deity ‘Karupaswamy’ .The theme music to ‘Tharai Thappattai’ induces the nine senses through the ears. ‘Paaruruvaya! Pirappara Vendum’ the song sung by Sathyaprakash and Surmukhi would even bring a great rescue to the flood victims.  

          ‘Idarinum’ song sung by Sharath sticks with heart as usual Ilayaraja’s. It says a philosophy as ‘Though sings a bit, it would be a medic. To me, the Life and Music are same.’


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