Inji Iduppazhagi          Anushka lives with her grandfather Kollappatti Maruthi Rao, mother Urvasi, Younger Brother Bharath as a fatherless young lady. Her only problem is her over weight. So, every alliance runs away from them, and Urvasi worries for her fat fate. At that time, Arya comes as alliance and misunderstanding arises, they separate and depart.

          Anushka was happened to meet Arya often and she falls in love with him. But Arya loves his friend Sonal Chowhan. Urvasi forces and sends Anushka to ‘size zero’ gym, run by Prakashraj in order to make her fatty daughter a slim. The wrong formula of ‘size zero’ leads Anushka’s friend to fatal end and she suffers to survive. Anushka rebels against Prakashraj. Arya supports her and Anushka falls in love with him. But Anushka gets engaged with some other. What happens finally is the story.

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