Jayam Ravi in a victory ceremony


    Jayam Ravi’s three films – Romeo Juliet, Thani Oruvan, Bhoologam hit the box office this year. Jayam Ravi shared this happiness with media yesterday. The directors, Romeo Juliet’s Lakshman, Thani Oruvan’s Mohanraja, Bhoologam’s KalyanKrishnan  also took part in the ceremony.

          Jayam Ravi shares that it was his important moment; the important persons in his life were present there. He added that he had viewed his worries with a positive attitude because he was brought up in such a way.  His father encouraged him to consider the failure as his inspiration, not as failure itself; and should succeed ever. He further stated that his brother added his father’s name  and named himself as ‘Mohanraja’ and he added ‘Jayam’ with his name that was often pronounced by his father.

          Jayam shows his happiness further saying that the great directors of his three films have come to the victory ceremony, just for him and praised him, lowering them; their presence has given him much delight.  The films Romeo Juliet, Thani Oruvan and Bhhoologam have hit the box office this year. It has made them happy. Thus 2015 has become a great year to him. In addition to that he felt proud that he has given a chance to two new film directors, and have made them super hit through Romeo Juliet and Bhoologam.

         Jayam continued that Romeo Juliet Lakshman was eager to proceed with Jayam Ravi, though he had given such a hit in his first film. He said that Thani Oruvan has made him to love the cinema again where he was born and brought up; it was made possible by his brother Mohanraja. Such, Bhoologam was started before 4 years and he had insured all his efforts, and it has become a hit film making him happy. For that, he thanked the directors.
Thus said Jayam Ravi and included that he would act in Hindi films if he get a chance. He says that Prabhudeva is like his brother and he would be delighted if the chance comes through him, in Prabhudeva’s film. He announced that the film ‘Miruthan’ was completed and the releasing date would be announced soon. He is going to act in Romeo Juliet Lakshman’s film and Prabhudeva studios produce this film. He concluded that he has listened to the stories from Goutham Menon, Susinthran and A.L. Vijay, so continuous hot news will be heard often.

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