K.S.R and Rajnikanth teams again

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 K.S.Ravikumar is directing Sudheep in the film ‘Mudinja Ivana Pudi’. A lots of wishes are being showering on him for his lovable father character in ‘Thanga Magan’.  K.S.R. has revealed the truth that Dhanush has requested him to act the father’s role in ThangaMagan. He further continued that Dhanush has said him that everyone thought that K.S.R was hard, and he should play the play just to break the thought. He continues, ‘And after the role, everyone thinks that I have such a softness inside this hard look. I had done the role for Dhanush.’

          ‘‘K.S.R’s house in Chennai was also damaged during Chennai Rain. His ground floor and office was filled with water. He has lost nearly thirty lakhs. But he with his family involved themselves in preparing food for the suffered people in his area. They have helped them by preparing food and supplying water bottles, kitchen utensils and medics.

About ‘Mudinja Ivana Pudi’:

          K.S.R said, ‘It is an M.I.P. the shooting was completed. Sudheep is a super star in Kannada and super for villain in Tamil. The plot will neutralize these two aspects. The film has been planned to release both in Tamiland Kannada. The film will be as the title. It will be a package of Action, Comedy, Songs as a commercial film. Actually it would be done before ‘Linga’. As Rajni was interested in Linga, it was done earlier. Sudheep and Producer Rambabu are Okay. They accepted to do Rajni’s first. Sudheep has attracted me through ‘Naan E’. He and Nithya Menon also liked to film with me.’

          There are many villains as Sharath, Mukesh Thivari.. Nazar and Prakashraj have an eminent role. Sathish and Eman Annachi are there for Comedy, Eman’s music for action scenes, Sivakumar’s story and dialogue, and usual K.S.R’s screenplay and direction would be as many pluses to the film. The great technicians team, Rajarathnam’s Camera, ‘Vishwaroopam’ Art director Ilayaraja’s arts, Kanalkannan’s stunts would also joined hands in the filming. The film would be expected to release in April.

Ever in touch with Rajni:

          Ravikumar says that he will meet or call Rajni at least once in a time. He has wished him on his birthday and for ‘Kabali’. He also informed him that fans expect new punch dialogues and styles from him. Rajni willingly accepted it. He has wished director Ranjith, too.  

          He further said that there is heroism in films. Without heroism there won’t be any opening. Even it is a small or big budget film, the time period is just a week. If it is understood, there won’t be any problem. Directors like Hari, Susinthran are doing good. Now a days, all films are commercial, ‘Kakka Muttai’ has got 4 songs and more realism.

About Linga:

        In 2015, Linga has gained 158 crores in tamil Cinema. Before that ‘Enthiran’ achieved it. It is a hit film. He further said that he has no such habit as requesting chances to any actors including Rajni. If any actor approaches him, he would film with them. He likes to renew his good friendship and no misunderstandings have occurred between them, so far. He thinks Cinema as God and works with dedication. Because of that, everyone likes him.

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