Karthik Subburaj is Mani Rathnam of Modern Age! – admires S.J. Surya


S.J. Surya, VijaySethupathy, Anjali and others starring ‘Iraivi’ was directed by Karthik Subburaj and stands ready to release. S.J.Surya has revealed his views on the film recently. S.J.Surya said that Karthik Subburaj approached him with the story saying that the story had been framed just for him; he felt proud that a director has written a story imagining him in his mind.

He added that the director has exposed another side of his acting talent. He admired director Karthik Subburaj as a modern ManiRathnam as he has more ideas and he could take Tamil Cinema to a new extent. Thus S.J.Surya said about the film ‘Iravi’ and its director Karthik Subburaj.

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