Miruthan Zombies In Ooty


Jayam Ravi and Lakshmi Menon starring ‘Miruthan’ has started to screen. The film was produced by Michael Rayappan from Global entertainment with Sakthi Soundarrajan’s direction, Iman’s music composition and Venkatesh’s camera. The film belongs to the zombie genre. It grades as the first ever zombie film in Tamil cinema. The story rounds as an unknown virus attacks the people. The affected people turn into zombies with carnivore characters.

They start to kill and eat other people. The zombies are formed in Ooty. The medicine to cure the virus is in Coimbatore. Jayam Ravi safeguards doctor Lakshmi Menon and his sister from the zombies. Jayam Ravi who is a traffic inspector also bitten by the zombie. The virus turns him too as a zombie at the end. He sits on the roof of a bus which goes to Chennai. The film ends with the initiation of the second part. It is clear that the ‘Miruthan 2’ will start at Chennai.

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