No time to Love Trisha, says Rana     

    Rana has played important roles in the film ‘Arambam’ with Ajith and in ‘Bahubali’. He and Trisha had been spotted together in the industry. And suddenly Trisha was bonded with Varun Maniyan in engagement. On this, the upset Rana sent messages to her. And unexpected, the marriage was cancelled.

          After the incident, Trisha again made friendship with Raana. A gossip roamed widely as they had renewed their love. After Bahubali, Rana was invited to act in many films. He has been also called from Hindi. As well, Trisha too was busy in films; have said bye to their love, presently.

        From Raana’s side, it has been said that Rana had received chances from famed directors and there would be no time and no place to love, when it comes with profession. And a gossip rounds that Rana who was so close with Trisha, was also being close with Thamanna and Shreya; it shows that he might repel from Trisha.

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