Pasanga 2

          Karthik kumar- bindhumadhavi’s daughter Vaishnavi and Ramdas-Vidhya’s son Nishesh are naughty children. Because of mischieves and lack of interest in studies, they become burdens to their parents. The school management expel them by quotes some reason and an unknown disease. Both their parents are tired of shifting home and school. Surya as child specialist and his wife Amala Paul as a teacher comes in connection with these parents. The story is based on that to use their mischief activities for the key for their future.

          The film teaches as a blow at temple to the parents who stand in queue in front of particular school gates; those parents who sell their properties to pay school fee as mesmerized by the infrastructure of the building; parents who set the goal of their children becoming a doctor or engineer and forcing them as a chase; parents who shut their children in home and thrush books as robots; the educational institutions utilize these weakness and change education as commercial business. Thousand likes would be given to the film crew just for this. Nishesh and Vaishnavi have lived their characters themselves.

          Nishesh touches our hearts when submitting their worries to toys with tears and the sufferings when father beats. Vaishnavi narrates his own story as a bird’s story on a stage and make everyone a move. The son and daughter of Surya are pretty cute kids. Surya and Amala Paul makes everyone to think of them and try to live like them.

          The scenes in which Surya wipes the disgraces and rejections with his smile is wonderful. Surya live and advises others through his life. Amala Paul is more gorgeous with motherhood. It is fit that Bindhumadhavi in motherhood’s longings and Vidhya in motherhood’s worrries. Karthick kumar and Ramdas are the fosters of the middle class.   

The children who pray when an ambulance passes; the children who recite rhymes and dance reflexively; the cruelty of children’s hostel life; as the film moves, they make some impressions by heart. The film says about the state of the children and the wrong notion of the parents, with both serious and humor sense. When it comes to a solution, it becomes dramatic. The film would be a lesson to the parents who had practiced to live in the machinery life.         

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