Rajni met his fans on the New Year Day


         Rajnikanth met his fans who gathered in front of his house and wished them. It is usual that on the special days like New Year, Rajni’s Birthday and Wedding Day, his fans round his house with pleasant wishes.

          Rajnikanth also wish his fans on these days without fail. Likewise, on the first day of this year, hundreds of Rajni’s fans gathered at his house. Sudhakar from Rajni Mandram arranged them in a neat manner and within few minutes, Rajnikanth came out from his house to meet his awaiting fans.

          Rajni’s fans wished him enthusiastically and he too replied the same. He wished them with joining hands for some minutes and returned. It made his fans as a celebration, they felt delighted. Rajni starring in ‘Kabali’ and ‘2.O’ in which ‘Kabali’ is going to release soon, as everyone expects.

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