Samuthirakani in Tharkappu

Actor Sakthi Vasu in Tharkappu Tamil Movie Stills

          In Tamil Cinemas, we have seen so many police stories and amazed on their encounters. But, this film shows the reality that the encounters are how far true and for whom the acts are being made. It clearly depicts the duplicate encounters that even cheat the encounter specialists.

          Sakthivel was a famous Encounter Specialist. He along with this two companion encounter specialists had done many encounters as per the orders they received. They were satisfied that they had destroyed the criminals. As such they were ordered to encounter Riaz Khan. Riaz Khan was a murderer who murdered others for the Politicians and Business men. The encounter specialists had done their job as ordered and felt satisfied. But, the reality was known when they were questioned by Human Rights.

          Samuthirakani has been introduced as the Human Right Officer who finds the reality and duplicate encounters ordered by the high authorities. He makes the encounter specialists team realize that they had done a murder instead of an encounter. After realizing the fact, Sathivel felt sad and he became a changed person. When they are about to reveal the truth in court, they were set to face fatal attacks by the poiliticans and businessmen group. Public was also attacked along with them. The rest of the story is the film.

          The cruel plans of the selfish rich and commercial world is the main reason for the duplicate encounters and murders. It was clearly depicted by the new director R.P.Ravi. the movement of the story as fro and back according to the clues and interrogation have made the film a thriller and it is admirable. The plans, murders, interrogations, searches exactly fills the need of the film. The love parts are not so interesting. The branch stories would be given importance. There it lacks.

          Sakthi after realizing the truth becomes a new man and he even left the person who attempts to kill him. It shows his state of mind. Sakthivel vasu has utilized the chance to show his talents, once as an encounter specialist and then as a man with guilty feel, in the film. The interrogation methods of Samuthirakani makes the viewers to move to the edge.

          Camera by Jhones Ananth and F.S.Faizal’s music stand as strong as it’s part. Usually the encounter stories say that it was shot when tried to escape. The film has explained that who was shot when who tried to escape and to save whom the encounter was made. It breaks out the truth amidst the people. The motto, dialogues, technical works everything has placed its role well.

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