Singam 3     

    Under the direction of Hari, the film Singam has been filmed with Surya, Anushka, Prakashraj and Vivek. Proceeding the super hit in 2010, Singam 2 was filmed. It was also a super hit with Surya and Hari. Following that, Singam 3 has been planned and the shooting was about to start in December.

          Due to heavy rain and flood in Chennai, it has been postponed.  The film shoot has been started this month in Visakapattinam. The team has reached the spot two days before. Surya, Sruthi Hasan are going to take part in the upcoming shots.

          Harris Jayaraj would compose the music for the film and it will be produced by Jnanavelraja. The film has been titled as ‘S3’

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