Sruthihasan and Thamanna talk on Love Marriage


Sruthi Hasan and Thamanna were asked to answer for the question – Is Love Marriage the best?

So far in the cine field, many actresses had love marriages. Some of them left the cine field and enjoying their lives. But some of them have lost their lives as splitting or divorced from their beloved ones. Thamanna and Sruthi Hasan were asked about the fate of Love marriages and they had given their opinions as thus.

Thamanna revealed as love blooms amidst the understanding of the two. Adjustments are important. There should not be any misunderstandings regarding superiority and domination. There love will live. She further said that she has not fallen in love yet and she has no time to love and even think of her Jodi; she has been acting without rest and has left the responsibility of finding her partner to her parents. She is sure that she would join her hands in marriage with whom her parents choose. She said that her parents would choose her best bridegroom.

Sruthi Hasan opened her thoughts for the question as love is a joyful thing; it should appear one and only once; so it is important to choose the apt one as beloved; it couldn’t be revised if the selection goes wrong; she is not in the side who says the basic rules that women should dedicate everything for husband, children and family after marriage.

She revealed that there is no justice in the view that men could work as per their desire and women shan’t; she respects cinema; she is not ready to leave cinema after her marriage; she has a passion to act and be with cinema lifelong. Thus said Sruthi Hasan.

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