Sunny Leone Will Not Be Able To Perform In Karnataka For New Year Bass In Karnataka

In favor of the protest of pro-Kannada group against Sunny Leone performing on the New Year bass, Karnataka government says a big no for her.

In coming days, Bengaluru was about to host a New Year Eve Party in the name of ‘Sunny Night in Bengaluru NYE 2018,’ which came to a tragic end. When Karnataka’s Pro-Kannada group of activist, the Karnataka Rakshana Vedike Yuva Sene heard of the performances of Sunny Leone, they protested in 15 different states. The protest ran for 2 weeks where finally government had to step in.

Sunny Leone in Karnataka

According to the protesters, ‘they do not want Sunny Leone to perform as for them she is neither Indian or Kannadiga. They further said that as they all know where she hails from, they do not want to the culture or Karnataka!’

Further to the protest, the Pro-Kannada group members threatened the government to commit mass suicide.

Sunny Leone on New Year Karnataka

Therefore, looking into the seriousness of the matter, the government finally asked organizers to call off her performance and not allow her to such events. To this, home minister, Ramalinga Reddy also added that the organizer should organize an event which is related to heritage and culture of Karnataka.

This decision actually made the state president, Harish, very happy. He even confirmed that had the event ever continued, he would have called for more activist from other 20 districts for the mega protest.

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