The Three letter STAR – MGR..!


MGR is the Super Star in Tamil Cinema who provokes the sense of social awareness, even now through his films. Everyone knows him as a talented and successful actor, Godly Human and an Efficient Ruler (CM). Today is the day to remember him. He passed away from us in 1987 on this day (Dec-24).  Praising him, respecting him and decorating his photos and statues with garlands is not enough for him. We should follow at least one of his worthy songs, if possible. In other words, we can say that he is a
preacher of good characters and encouragement not only to the actors but also to everyone. Rightly said-Old is Gold.

Is there anybody ready to follow his policies?

1. Never SMOKE and don’t touch ALCOHOL

2. Should not ill-treat women, physically or mentally.

He always follows truth, generous and honesty in his films, so that his followers will follow him.

Some facts about our MGR:

*   Maruthur Gopala Menon is his father, so he becomes Maruthur GopalaMenon Ramachandran, we

fondly call him as MGR. MG Menon was a Magistrate.

*  Sathyabama is his mother. She was a house wife.

*   M.G.R. was born in Nawalapitiya near Kandy, in Srilanka on 17 January, 1917.

*  M.G. Chakarapani is his elder brother, also an actor. He lost his sister when she was young.

*  He studied upto Std- III. After the death of his father, poverty stroke them and returned to

Kumbakonam to his uncle’s house. His uncle was running ‘Original Boys’ company and he joined there

for Rs. 5/- per month.

*   His first role in drama was ‘Utharan’, brother-in-law to Abimanyu, son of Arjuna in Mahabaratha.

*  Sathileelavathi was his first film released in 1936.

*  Nallavan Vallavan (1961) is his 50th film.

*   Oli Vilakku (1968) is his 100th film.

*  Siriththu vaazhavendum (1974) is his 125th film.

*   Koondukili (1954), he starred with the great actor Shivaji Ganesan.

*  Ulagam Sutrum Vaaliban (1973) forerunner of shooting in foreign countries.

*  He acted as a hero in the film ‘Chaya’ that was not released.

*  In other languages – Ektha Raja in Hindi (1951), Sarvathikari in Telugu (1951), Jenova in Malayalam

*  Only two of his films were graded ‘A’ certificates.

*  Unnai Vida Matten was not released, supposed to be his last film.

*  His wives – Bargavi @Thangamani passed away due to illness, Sathanandavathi died of TB, then

married V.N. Janaki.

*  He has two sisters – Kamalakshi, Sumithra and a brother Balakrishnan born to his step mother.

*  Shot by M.R. Radha, recovered from the huge injury.

*  Became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and achieved great deeds.

*  He passed the world scoring distinction and left us on 24th December 1987. Many of today’s

youngsters and achievements might be infants on that day. Let us Recall and remember him.

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