Kichcha Sudeep Shows Good Gesture To Farmers Of Mandya District

If you are an ardent fan of Kichcha Sudeep, then this good deed of his will certainly make you love him more. The deed we are talking about is ‘selling his BMW (KA 05 MJ 101)’ for the sake and betterment of Farmers of Mandya District.

He made this decision when he arrived for a meeting at a Press Club in Bengaluru. This meet was organized for the farmers. In this meet, he requested others to remember the efforts of farmers in every meal that we take. He declared his support for the farmers and their families.

Kannada Hero Sudeep

This is not Kichcha but there are many others who have also raised their hands for the support of the farmers in Mandya District. Before Sudeep, Darshan has also requested Zee Management to deposit a few lakhs in the favor of affected farmers in Mandya District. Another name which should not be missed is Star Yash, a part of Dr. Rajkumar’s family, who has reconstructed a canal in Northern Part of Karnataka.

So, after these noblemen, it is Sudeep, who has raised the bar by selling his loved BMW to bestow upon the needy farmers.

In this meet, along with Kichcha Sudeep, Justice Santosh hedge, Aj Sadashiva were also present.

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